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Luggage tags are not all we do. When you listen to your customers, you get an ear for new opportunities. Keep an eye on this page and see what’s new in the World of Personalization. Have a look at the latest Special Offers.

Keeping us one step ahead of the competition and TOTALLY committed to you!

R&D PRODUCTS and SERVICES: as you know, our principal focus is the BEST PRODUCTS, the BEST SERVICE for a fair price! We are happy to take on new product lines for clients, provided the volume is sufficient and we can locate a factory that can offer samples that are up to our HIGHEST standards. Also important that the factory can offer the usual, high levels of support and professionalism that we demand from all our overseas suppliers. All new projects will require a sort contract/agreement understanding to be signed between all parties to help ensure the transaction is undertaken in conjunction with all parties expectations.

TAGGS-R-US is about to open its new AUSTRALIA office in PERTH. Welcome to Katherine who will manage the dispatch of our TYVEK, security wristbands and will generate new business and sales in this market sector. New web pages are currently being prepared and 70,000 plain tyvek stock is soon to be heading in her direction. We also have a new PERTH phone number, that will link to me here, just to start! We intend to offer the full range of all products sold in NZ at a later date. GOOD LUCK KATHERINE

ARTWORK: Please also note, from Jan 2014 we must have ALL artwork signed and dated by all our clients. Artwork will be sent to you in a range of file formats, this needs to be signed by the END USER, scanned and returned back to us. We then forward it to our factory …….. it is an efficient format that works well and a good habit to work from.

PAYMENT T&C – after last year and the number of hours we spent chasing $ we are ensuring that this will NOT HAPPEN again in 2016. Time is money in business and we never have enough of this, work hard and work smart should be everyone’s plan in business. Most orders are billed as payment in return, this is normally 7 days for existing clients. NEW clients have to pay for goods before they will leave our offices. OVERSEAS orders require a deposit to be paid and then the balance in exchange (7-14 days after, depending on customer spend). PLEASE UNDERSTAND, for our orders to depart our overseas factories require us to PRE-PAY for product and freight. Thank-you for your time, your patience and your understanding ……… and of course your valued business!

CHINESE NY has been and gone again, THANK GOD! All back to normal on Monday, 10th Feb. Only issues are all the back orders now need to be manufactured, so a few delays and NO FASTRAK until further notice.

LOTS HAPPENING with us, a great start to JAN 2014 and our strongest start to the year for many years. See Facebook for more info.

CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR – hours and days of trading. We will be open and available most days during the festive season. In the case of an EMERGENCY please call the cellphone for an immediate response. Otherwise send us an email, leave a message on our answerphone & we will normally respond the same day.

WARNING: Chinese Factory New Year 2012
Most of the factories will close down between the 17th & 20th JAN and most will re-open on Mon 30th.

OCT 2011 – New Website Launch

TAGGS-R-US Group are pleased to launch its newest website, NO 4 to promote its SECURITY WRISTBANDS. Take a moment and have a look, let us know what you think:


  1. Chinese new year’s holiday: 2th Feb ~ 14th FebKindly note that we will not be able to offer PRINTED LANYARDS, SILICONE WRISTBANDS, PRINTED ID BANDS & THUNDER STICKS during this period. Our factories are VERY busy at the moment. We would be more than pleased to work on quotes, answer questions and send you samples.
  • Thunder Sticks / Bang Bang SticksWe now sell Thunder Sticks, which make a great promotional product for all events. To see some of the big companies we have already made these for, look on our Thunder Sticks page!
  • 2008 Price IncreaseWe have managed to retain our PRICES since 2003 and many clients have repeatedly taken advantage of this with REPRINT ORDERS. The time has come to keep up with the many increases in costs on our side of the fence. Please note as at 1 Jan 2008 all prices will increase by 10{0d64d1d915efbcb17fff2fd4979034ad75e41f4d3b8721c0291022275c79bf77}. We thank you in advance for your LOYALTY
  • 1-7 May 2007 CHINA HOLIDAYS – Labour DayChinese CUSTOMS will be closed from 1st May – 7th (back on the 8th) and our FACTORIES will be closed from 1st May – 3rd (back on the 4th). PLEASE NOTE large back-logs out of China 8th – 12th
  • 12-22 Feb 2007 Chinese New year Factory ClosureWe wish to inform all our clients that our factories will be closed from 12th Feb for about 10 days. We will not be able to handle any orders during this period. These factories are EXTREMELY BUSY AT THE MOMENT and they will soon stop accepting new orders.
  • Event Products Jan 2007Taggs-r-us are a one stop shop for your event tag needs – printed lanyards, tyvek wristbands, name badges, id card tags, silicone wristbands, luggage tags, laminated tags, and gift ideas …
  • Artwork – May 2006We continue to struggle with artwork being supplied to us. Low and poor standards will result in inferior quality in the finished final product. It is also important for our clients to now provide as much information to the design and layout of ALL products.By doing this we can all help deliver your product FASTER and to the HIGHEST STANDARD!
  • Urgent Fast track Orders – April 2006We are pleased to announce a fast track service – orders delivered within a 2 week period. All URGENT luggage tag, ID cards, acrylic tags, badges and membership cards orders will attract the same 15{0d64d1d915efbcb17fff2fd4979034ad75e41f4d3b8721c0291022275c79bf77} surcharge as LANYARDS and SILICONE WRISTBANDS.
  • 11/2/06 iT@g = Priceless Memory – Taggs-R-Us Luggage Tags TsunamiI feel it is important that we are all able to reflect on this incredible tradegy and are able to take a moment out of our BUSY life schedules and look back and recall this WORLD DISASTER. It gives me a little glimmer of hope that one of our products has helped others so much. Read an email from a parent who lost his beloved daughter and son-in-law to this dramatic event and how he was able to be re-united with a beach bag that will help a family reflect and REMEMBER! – R.I.P.
  • Chinese New Year ClosedownPlease note that our Chinese factories are closed 26 Jan and reopen 5 Feb 2006 for the Chinese New Year.
  • Taggs-R-Us supports ZM Radio December 2005We are pleased to be working closer than ever to one of New Zealands leading radio stations ZM. We supply all holiday prize winners with luggage tags. Recently 5 Gorillas went to NY to compete against each other for a seat at the KONG film premier. We also supplied the crew and hairy monsters with Lanyard Tags, view some of the pictures here or clich the link below for more.Radio ZM Uses Taggs-r-us LanyardsKing Kong Lanyards King Kong Lanyards - Gorillas King Kong Lanyards - Gorillas
  • Silicone Wristbands 31 October 2005Silicone wristbands are the latest craze around the world and so are a great marketing tool to get your brand out to the masses. Taggs-r-us have contracts with the manufacturers and are able to give you the best service, price and quality for your promotional project.
  • Taggs-R-Us support CHARITY – WORLD VISION September 2005SUPPLY: Plastic Loops”We really appreciated the friendly help and support we received from Paul. He was very obliging and accommodating to us as a non-profit organisation and we’re really grateful for all he was able to assist us with. And he was super fast!!”Kath Price
    Events Team – World Vision of NZ – www.worldvision.org.nz
  • Our Top Three Printed Lanyards 3 September 2005Taggs-R-Us are always helping its clients produce the best looking lanyards in the country. Click through and see what we believe are our Top Three Lanyards.
  • ‘PM with Anita and Rich from Urban Voyage’ August 2005Taggs-R-Us printed lanyards are used at all the best events for those clients wishing the best results. Click through to see Helen Clark and the Urban Voyagers wearing Taggs-r-us lanyards.
  • Kevron Product range 26 August 2005Taggs-r-us are please to be able to promote the Kevron tags products range. The acrylic and plastic tags add to the variety of tags we have on offer. Just be careful – too much choice can make it hard to choose. Let paul@taggs-r-us.comguide you through
  • NEW IMAGES 25 August 2005Taggs-R-Us continue to support more and more businesses in New Zealand with its printed lanyard products. By the end of the year it will be NO 1! We offer the FASTEST TURNAROUND on one product line and the other, which takes longer is the BEST PRINTING, BEST BANDS and BEST ACCESSORIES – why settle for anything less? Please view more Printed Lanyards Photos of SOME of the jobs we have done.
  • FAST TRACK LANYARDSTaggs-R-Us can now deliver printed lanyards quicker than any other supplier in New Zealand. We offer this under 2 weeks service for a PREMIUM surcharge @ + 15{0d64d1d915efbcb17fff2fd4979034ad75e41f4d3b8721c0291022275c79bf77}. This will depend on having your BAND colour in stock, the day of the week your order is placed, FREIGHT time, CUSTOMS and the factory accepting your order. Should these outside element refrain us from delivering within the alloted window then your INVOICE will be amended and this charge deleted. 8 out of 10 jobs are delivered in this timeframe.
  • LANYARD FASTENERS – 22 AugustYou are spoilt for choice with Taggs-r-us. A wide variety of Lanyard fasteners awaits you.
  • PRINTED LANYARDS, Artistic Visuals – 18th MayWe are pleased to inform our clients we have enhanced our ARTISTIC VISUAL product and procedure. The images are an improvement in quality and detail and also returned in the same day.Please click to view full size examples – example 1example 2
  • Lanyard Production – Fri 29th AprilTAGGS-R-US will not be accepting lanyard orders for week 19 commencing Mon 2nd May to 9 May as our factory is closed for the week.As of today, our order time will be taken approximately two weeks on all transactions.
  • Apr 2005 – Printed LanyardsTaggs-R-Us is pleased to inform potential customers that we are one of the biggest and best suppliers of printed lanyards in NEW ZEALAND. Our impressive list of clients include Air NZ/EPMU/Telecom/Auckland Police/NZALPA/ANZ Bank/Auckland Festival/Auckland Council/ACC/Ricoh/3M and many more!These companies use us because of our PRICES, SERVICE, QUALITY and TIME-FRAME. We are proud to announce that on a number of occasions we have turned orders around in 7 days – TRY US!SEE OUR NEW PROCEDURE UPDATES JUST MADE TO OUR PRINTED LANYARDS PAGE!
  • Short Strap 23 April 05A great NEW product for 2005. Hang your keys and mobile phone from your strap while clipping the CARABINER to a belt strap, bag strap or anything similar.WE ARE YET TO SEE ANY OTHER COMPETITOR OFFERING THIS IN NZ
  • 23 April 05 – NEW Lanyard ProductTaggs-R-Us are always looking for new ideas and new product lines to enhance its existing extensive range. We have just supplied the NEWEST lanyards to one of our agents for ‘RICOH.’ This new product is our RUBBER-FOAM overlay and we have called it ‘PUFFA.’ It is a raised printing and can ONLY be done with images and fonts that are SPOT COLOURS. Look for our NEW PAGE soon!Ricoh Lanyard
  • March 05 – Universal Studios, ‘KONG’Taggs-R-Us are pleased to inform you that it recently undertook an order for UNIVERSAL STUDIOS L.A. It involved us producing over 1,000 printed lanyard with the new KONG font and we also produced 3 different kinds of hotel key cards for the worlds press who currently vissited the KONG set in Wellington.In a reference sent from Universal they made the following comments about Taggs-R-Us:RE: Paul Caunter
    ‘His abilities and commitment are by far one of the best I’ve ever dealt with. I was lucky enough to find such a dedicated vendor overseas. He worked around the clock for a few days without hesitation. I only wish we had more vendors and people like him here in the States.’
  • 7 March 05 – Printed Lanyards – Back to Business as NormalTaggs-R-Us are pleased to announce it is back to BUSINESS AS NORMAL! We had suspended Lanyard production on 5 March 05, and are now back in production with even faster turnaround. Even better news for our clients is the fact that we have been contacted by our original staff member – ANNE. We look forward to a long-term relationship with her and the new lanyards company she is part of.We can now offer you an even better quality printed lanyard than before. WE ARE THE QUICKEST SUPPLIER OF PRINTED LANYARDS IN AUSTRALASIA a 7-14 day service, BEAT THAT!
  • 5th March 05 – Printed LanyardsWE ARE AFRAID UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE PRINTED LANYARD PRODUCTION WILL BE SUSPENDED. 7 MarchTaggs-R-Us has had a very difficult week with its CHINESE factory and many jobs currently in production (ARTISTIC VISUAL/ACTUAL VISUAL and PRODUCTION) have been problematic since the departure of our contact. We will be working all over the weekend to inform all our customers who have jobs PENDING.As a company we supply the best goods and service but we are afraid we have been let down SERIOUSLY this week in MANY AREAS. It has taken us many hours of calls and many emails to get some jobs right (5 times in one case).We have many glowing references from happy clients, have a look yourself at one of our PRINTED LANYARD pages.On a happier note we are in contact with other suppliers and will soon have a new agreement in place.
  • Printed Lanyards Auckland – 24th Jan 05
    Printed Lanyards AucklandLanyards are generally manufactured and printed off-shore. We are pleased to announce a Printed in Auckland solution Printed Lanyards Auckland for all small order customers and those looking at quick turnaround (minimum order 50).
      Vehicle Registration Holders-Smith & SmithVehicle registration holders or road tax holders are always out in front of them as they drive. An ideal form of advertising.
    • NZ PRINTED MOUSE PADS – 19th Jan 05
      NZ PRINTED MOUSE MATSPrinted Mouse PadsNZ Printed Mouse Pads are the latest addition to the Taggs-r-us inventory. They are the best way to promote your company to new or old clients/customers. You could use the Mouse Pads to remind staff about procedures and team values. Many creative ideas for a product that is beside us every day.
    • SURE TAG NAME TAG – 18th Jan 05 Sure TagAt Taggs-r-us we are very keen on New Zealand made. The Sure Tag is NAME TAG/BADGE without pins or clips, and made in New Zealand. SureTag is great as a visitors tag, for Conference and Incentive events, Shows and more. Take advantage today by requesting a FREE SureTag sample (for all NZ and OZ companies).
    • PERSONALISED HOTEL KEY CARDS – 17th Jan 05After recently delivering the best hotel key card in NEW ZEALAND to one of our clients we are extremely pleased to offer old and new clients the ULTIMATE IN HOTEL KEY CARDS – the perso i-Key. TAGGS-R-US will produce your card stock and even print your clients name, reservation number, arrival/departure date, room number and short message on the reverse of their iKey (hotel key card).How about a GLITTER GOLD or GLITTER SILVER card for those regular corporate guestsTAGGS-R-US, we aim to keep 1 step ahead of the competition!Need 500 temporary key cards – we can do it in just a few hours, BEAT THAT!
    • KEY RINGS – 17th Jan 05
      A wide range of key rings in a color and design to match your business image.
      Spencer on Byron Key CardWe are PROUD to announce that we have created the best hotel key card in NEW ZEALAND!See our 3D image of our latest and without a doubt the best product delivered to any hotel in this country. The product has been manufactured using both screen printing (glitter silver) and digital printing (via the $1,000,000 HP press) for the overlay logo/design. Take advantage of this product and contact us TODAY!
    • KEY CARD ADVERTISING – 21st Dec 04
      Spencer on Byron Key Card - showing advertisingAre you a TOURIST ATTRACTION looking to reach visiting travellers? We have the best way for you to get your business card directly in their hand! Consider advertising on the reverse of hotel key cards, its is the best form of advertising.Hotel Door Lock
    • Hotel Door Lock (17 November 2004)Taggs-r-us bring to you the MIWA Hotel Door Lock system – advanced technology “Locking In Quality around the World”. This market leading Hotel Door Lock system is used in over 80{0d64d1d915efbcb17fff2fd4979034ad75e41f4d3b8721c0291022275c79bf77} of well-known projects in Japans domestic market. In New Zealand the Jet Inn Park Hotel has committed to the MIWA Key Card Lock, and the Copthorne Bay of Islands is undergoing lock installation.
    • Heavy Duty Slot PunchSlot Punches (15 November 2004)Taggs-r-us have a heavy duty slot punch with a high leverage handle that is ideal for your slot and hole punching.Or maybe you are interested in a lower duty 3 in one slot punch. The choice is yours.
    • Gripper 30 ID Card holders (6 November 2004)Gripper 30The Gripper 30 is an economical low-cost, stand-alone device that can be added to existing attachments such as badge reels, lanyards and strap clips.A Silicon core prevents damage to Smart Chips and RF Circuitry.It holds cards with up to 5lbs of vertical force and greater than 5lbs of horizontal force.Vinyl Badge HoldersVinyl Badge Holders
    • Vinyl Badge Holders (4 November 2004)SAVE $2001,000 vinyl badge holders in either PORTRAIT or LANDSCAPE position ideal to hold ID cards the size of a credit card for ONLY $1,000
    • Transparent rigid plastic luggage tags (4 November 2004) – NEW TO NEW ZEALANDRigid Plastic Luggage Tags100 FREE TRANSPARENT LOOPS when you purchase 100 transparent rigid plastic luggage tags. These are some of the best UNPRINTED luggage tags we have seen for a while and intend to bring into this country in bulk. Who will take advantage of our first delivery. Put your AGENCY business card on one side ant the clients own card on the other – back to back. BOTH CARDS CAN BE READ! Special offer price $300* We can also print CARD inserts for you with your logo, we can design it for max impact! (Extra cost applicable)
    • Sign Writing – Auckland, NZ (7 October 2004)Those of you that keep a close eye on this page know that at TAGGS-R-US we are constantly looking at offering our clients (existing and potential) a greater range of product and services (complementing each other) making us a one-stop shop. We have just purchased a top of the range image cutter to cut shapes, letters and numbers (single colour).
    • Printed Lanyards (7 October 2004)The recent purchase of a image/letter/number cutting machine will allow us to sell small quantity printed lanyards to you the client. Add that to the recent acquisition of a top of the range thermal heat press machine and our new association with a NZ machinist we will shortly be about to release a statement offering MANUFACTURED AND PRINTED LANYARDS AUCKLAND– ‘made in NZ’ (the only company!) Watch this space! (now available 24 January 2005)
    • Free offer – your logo on our idi tag!Order NowPRODUCT ENHANCEMENT (August 2004)Taggs-R-Us is constantly pushing to be the world leader in luggage tag solutions. We believe that product enhancement is a must in modern business. This is emphasised by the constant changes to our website – WE NEVER STAND STILL! Clients who have already purchased our iDi Tags in New Zealand, Australia, USA and the Europe now get a FREE monthly newsletter but more importantly our clients are NOW encouraged to send us FULL itinerary of travel including contact numbers of hotels just in case bags are mislaid by ANY transport companies. This then enables us to contact you should we be contacted by your bag finder!
    • Montreal Convention imposes higher fines for lost luggage (9 August 2004)The newly ratified MONTREAL CONVENTION supersedes the old WARSAW CONVENTION and has significant fines imposed on carriers who lose or damage passenger baggage. Taggs-r-us has the solution.
    • Send to a Friend (22 July 2004)The ability to “Send to a friend” was added to the site. Have some fun, use the send to friend button on the top of each page to email the link to your friends.
    • Graphics and Creativity at their best (20th July)Mark Bertie is responsible for operating a million dollar print press which can capture just about any image you can imagine. Add that to his gifted ability, skill and vision we can now offer you the best KEY CARDS and LUGGAGE TAGS in the world. Take advantage of the hi-tech machinery and this man’s talent ….. Tag Samples (PDF)
    • Feedback form added (12 July 2004)At Taggs-r-us we are good at listing and welcome your feedback. Now we have made it even easier with a specially made feedback form.
    • Dolphin Plastic Card Printers (1 July 2004)Plastic Card PrinterOur first ever special offer is for the CIM Dolphin colour plastic card printer(click to see more info). The colour card printer comes complete with auto feed, printing station, magnetic strip encoder, software, cables etc – ideal for ID cards, member cards, access cards, library, club and more, low running costs.
    • SPECIAL OFFERS (25 June 2004)Keep a VERY CLOSE eye on the Taggs-r-us Special Offers page, you could miss the bargain of a lifetime! Taggs-R-Us brings you a page full of deals and offers – DON’T MISS OUT, you may just kick yourself! We promise you SPECIALS that will blow you away!
    • In the news – Taggs-r-us and the Search Engine Optimisation Competition Nigritude Ultramarine (23 June 2004)Taggs-r-us is in the news. The Search Engine Optimiser (Michael Brandon) looking after Taggs-r-us is a top 20 high ranking competitor in the worldwide Search Engine Optimising competition – get to the top of Google for the made up term Nigritude Ultramarine. He was honoured to be the second person interviewed by the competition sponsors. The treatment that Google has dished out to Taggs-r-us was mentioned.
    • ID Card Printing Software (23 June 2004)Watch this page for the latest information about ON-LINE software that will help companies who produce ID cards. Create profiles, store generic templates, add images and important information with up to 3 levels of access for security. Saving you time and money but more importantly making things easier for you and your business.
    • NEW CABLE TIE (16 June 2004)cable tieTaggs-R-Us is always working hard to enhance its product lines in order to be at the fore-front as a market leader in the industry. We are once again pleased to announce another new product line that will support our products and more importantly our clients. Watch the site for a new page soon to be added to our PRODUCTS AVAILABLE page.
  • BUY KIWI MADE PRODUCTSThe company wishes to support manufacturers and businesses in New Zealand to – BUY KIWI! We would like to promote SWIVEL HOOK, ROPE LANYARDS to our clients. We have recently been appointed as the only RESELLER in NZ for this line. The quality and finish of the product is exquisite. Watch the site for a new page soon to be added to our PRODUCTS AVAILABLE page.
  • The other product is VINYL BADGE HOLDERSWe have a selection of sizes and shapes to accommodate just about ANY requirement. If your order is large enough we may be able to produce a specific size – JUST FOR YOU! Watch the site for a new page soon to be added to our PRODUCTS AVAILABLE page.
  • iDi Tag – PRESS RELEASEOur iDi Tag, the best of its kind in the world is getting more and more press throughout the world. We were really pleased to hear from In-Flight Hospitality Magazine in the UK who ran an article about this market leading product. Its helping the world make our airports a safer place for us all to travel …….. HAVE YOU GOT YOURS? Watch the site for more details.
  • NEW CLIENTS:Our Corporate database is always on the increase and we are pleased to welcome Telecom, Ericsson, Eftpos, Auckland Police & many more to our customer list as valued clients.
  • NEWS-FLASH (17th May 2004)Taggs-R-Us are once again pleased to inform its clients of a revolutionary concept that will make its i-Badge name badges even better than before! We are constantly trying to remain one step ahead of our competitors. We now give you our ‘TRIPLE MAGNET’ with its self-adhesive sticky surface to secure your tag to your person through just about any amount of layers of clothing.TEST: the magnets still managed to grip the metal plate through over 42 sheets of paper!
  • Printed Lanyards New Zealand 14 May 2004We are already supplying some of the leading corporate businesses in New Zealand with plain lanyards and card accessories. We are now pleased to inform existing and new customers we can offer you ‘Printed Lanyards’ in New Zealand (NZ) and throughout the world.
  • Free offer – your logo on our iDi Tags for free 5 May 2004Are you an Airline/Hotel/Travel Agent/Coach Operator/Train Company/Bus Company/Wholesaler/Tour Operator/Activity Provider/Business Travel Agent/Conference & Incentive Agent or a large business with a website or regular newsletter? If you are, and you wish to have your logo placed on our iDi T@gs for FREE please email or call us today for more information.
  • Do you organise CONFERENCES/MEETINGS or INCENTIVE TRIPS? 1 May 2004We have created the ULTIMATE event enhancing tool. How about a personalised Hotel Key card?Consider a few of these printing options:
    • Corporate Logo
    • Sponsors Logo
    • Event name, dates and location
    • Schedule/Itinerary
    • Event contact info (mobile)
    • Key Company/Product info
    • Sales points
  • Taggs-R-Us delivers its BEST iT@g to The Ascott Metropolis Hotel (27 Feb 2004)As we look to constantly improve out designs and our products visual impression we are ecstatic that today we delivered our ‘NEW LOOK’ iT@g. The main difference is that the tag is now produced in a portrait position with the passenger address panel a little different too – ALL FOR THE BETTER!
  • ZM Radio Logo91 ZM Radio and Taggs-r-us (23 February 2004)Taggs-R-Us are pleased to work with one of New Zealand’s largest radio stations 91 ZM. We will sponsor all its lucky prize winners with ZM and Taggs-R-Us luggage labels when the individual or individuals win international air tickets. We would like to thank Pol and Grant for the mention on the radio, which has resulted in a record breaking day for hits to the site. We will also supply tags for all the DJ’s and senior management staff.The first lucky prize winners travelled to Los Angeles on Friday on Air New Zealand’s ‘Frodo’ 747 with DJ Polly to attend the Oscars ….. with personalised tags from TAGGS-R-US, enjoy your trip ladies! – Paul
  • idi tag We are proud to announce our new idi logo (26 January 2004)
  • Plastic card consumables / accessories (26 January 2004)Taggs-r-us are specialists in personalizing luggage labels, lanyard tags, hotel key cards, … When it comes to plastic cards we have the creativity and ideas to make your business successful and your luggage secure. It comes as no surprise that we also stock the raw materials. Quality plastic card accessories and plastic card consumables at factory prices direct to your door.
  • NEW – iB@DGE Name Badges Product released (22 January 2004)Due to more and more demand from the Conference/Incentive and Event Management sector we have now created an alternative to our LANYARD TAG. We have named it the iB@dge and it can be personalised to your own specification giving your event that final enhancement at costs about 50{0d64d1d915efbcb17fff2fd4979034ad75e41f4d3b8721c0291022275c79bf77} less.
  • iDi Tag & Travel Insurance (19th Jan 2004)Our iDi Tag is promoted to all New Zealand Travel Insurance companies as a way of reducing claim pay-outs for all lost baggage. We know that this WORLD leader product will help reduce the huge amount of luggage that is lost at our airports. Yet another beneficiary to add to the long list.(Special thanks is extended to MR GAVIN DAVEY @ Forward Focus Ltd)
  • New Product Line – Key Tag/Label (19th Jan 2004)In the past we have just produced our iKeys (hotel key cards) for the larger and modern hotels UNTIL NOW! We are pleased to add yet another line to our range in the form of a Key Tag. Your normal conventional room key, a key ring, plastic clip and a plastic card all helps with your customer impression. Not too big, easy to fit in your pocket and YOU MAY NOT HAVE TO PAY A PENNY FOR IT!
  • New Product Line – Design-a-tag- Express (19th Jan 2004)With more and more requests on the internet for tailor-made luggage labels we can now offer you a DESIGN-A-TAG-EXPRESS option. ITS UP TO YOU, put your thinking hat on and start being creative. Choose to display just about what ever you want on your tag. This is a SPEEDY service which is why we like to call it Express.
  • Corporate Gift Ideas (19th Jan 2004)Taggs-r-us specialise in personalization. Take your pick of corporate gift ideas and make it a branded corporate gift with your logo or business name. Your idea or ours, let us brand it and spread your name around.
  • Press Release Dec 03 Launch of new look website

Check out our Google My Business reviews here. With over 150 5 star reviews, you can see how much customers love and appreciate our iT@g’s. You can also check out our Facebook and TradMe reviews here. We are the best for a reason!