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  1. Production is only undertaken upon receipt of authorised signed proof of artwork and written order confirmation.
  2. Once the cards are in production the order will be subject to 100{0d64d1d915efbcb17fff2fd4979034ad75e41f4d3b8721c0291022275c79bf77} cancellation charges.
  3. Card production is subject to the normal printing industry practice of plus or minus 10{0d64d1d915efbcb17fff2fd4979034ad75e41f4d3b8721c0291022275c79bf77} of the quantity ordered. Please indicate whether you are willing to accept over or unders from nil to 10{0d64d1d915efbcb17fff2fd4979034ad75e41f4d3b8721c0291022275c79bf77} or no overs at all.
  4. Every effort is made to ensure that colours match the PMS or colour samples provided by the client. However due to the technicalities involved in printing and heat lamination of plastic, colour variations can occur within batches of cards.
  5. Every attempt is made to ensure that cards are manufactured within the time quoted. Taggs-R-Us does not accept responsibility for production delays outside our control and will not accept liability for any additional cost incurred by a client due to delivery delays.
  6. RE-PRINTS: Taggs-R-Us reserve the rights to obtain a 50{0d64d1d915efbcb17fff2fd4979034ad75e41f4d3b8721c0291022275c79bf77} deposit at the time the cards are ordered if payment terms were not met on the first order
  7. An additional charge will occur on repeat orders for signature panel screens or replacement printing plates if they are required due to wear or oxidation.
  8. All prices are subject to confirmation once final artwork has been received and approved at the production plant.
  9. All cards supplied will bear the Taggs-R-Us name and either email address or web site address. This will be printed on the inside of the card in a discreet format in the bottom right hand corner, or where the layout will allow us.
  10. First orders will be discounted by 10{0d64d1d915efbcb17fff2fd4979034ad75e41f4d3b8721c0291022275c79bf77} in order to help with F&P / Artwork costs. Reprints will have yearly price increases linked to material costs rising.
  11. International orders will be subject to freight and duty costs but EXEMPT from GST.
  12. International orders will require a 50{0d64d1d915efbcb17fff2fd4979034ad75e41f4d3b8721c0291022275c79bf77} deposit upon confirmation stage and the balance paid as your goods depart NZ (unless other agreements have been made).
  13. We will send a small quantity of product to you prior to your order departing. We will pay for the International Express. We would suggest to our clients who place LARGE orders with us that we send 2,000 luggage tags via UPS and their special BIG BOX tariffs and then send the remainder surface freight – SAVING YOU MONEY!
Products> Terms & Conditions > Supply Specs