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Luggage Tags for small orders


Specialist Printing Equipment 

Manufacturing over 65 million cards per annum, and 1 billion secure printed forms, our manufacturer is Australasia’s leading supplier of plastic cards and bureau services. They manufacture the full range of Bank related transaction and credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and Bankcards, through to telecommunication cards and Smartcards, branded cards for oil companies, department stores, retail chains, and customer loyalty programs. Therefore, you can be assured that the Luggage Tags Machinery is up with the best in the World.Manufactured to international standards, cards are able to have a range of sophisticated security features, such as holograms, magnetic stripes, security patterns, signature panels and photographic data. 

Through their own research and development, plus well-established technical affiliations, they keep abreast of the latest technology in cards and related products including digital printing as well as traditional printing methods.

These products and services are provided from two operational centres in New Zealand and three operational centres in Australia, with card personalisation bureaux throughout New Zealand, Australia and Asia. The manufacturing centres are located at Auckland, New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia.

Quality> Machinery > Reference
Luggage Tags for small orders