Fuzhou Xingchun Trade Co – Future Lanyard

Fuzhou Xingchun Trade Co Future Lanyard in China are one of the many companies manufacturing lanyards for the end user and a great many resellers. We had a period of purchasing a number of lanyards from Fuzhou Xingchun Trade Co/ Future Lanyards and during this period we encountered many problems. This was our 2nd time of dealing with them.

We had a number of problems which included delays with artwork, delays with sample pictures, wrong PMS printed colours, wrong PMS band colours and difficulties getting responses at times.

We lost a number of our clients due to Future Lanyards lack of professionalism. At one time they even held an order after we had paid for it. A number of jobs had to be reprinted due to poor quality and we had to pay twice.

We also are in contact with OLD staff and new who are unhappy with the senior management and the company owner. In order to achieve the best results you need to have a positive feeling within the organisation, this business does not.

The company goes by several names, and we have pages for each. TriColour Lanyards, Tri Colour Lanyards and this page Future Lanyard – not a company that we recommend.