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Feedback from:

AC Nielsen

AC Nielsen > Ascott Metropolis Hotel > Centra Hotel
Hertz NZ > Holiday Shoppe > Ironbark Lodge/Events
Penguin Books > Signature Travel > Spencer on Byron Hotel

We send an email/word document to each customer as part of the sales process. AC Nielsen, Auckland, New Zealand (NZ) provided the following feedback as part of the sales process for our Plastic tags. They purchased plastic Dog Tags (not the animal variety)

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AC Nielsen
Auckland, New Zealand (NZ)

Dear AC Nielsen

I would first like to thank you for choosing TAGGS-R-US to supply your company with one of our products. We are always trying to improve upon our service and feel that customer feedback is the best way to enhance our standards and customer perception. With this in mind would you kindly complete a few questions below in order to help you and others in the future:

GRADE: 1-10

(1 = Worst/Very Slow/Totally Dissatisfied & 10 = Best/Fastest/Satisfied)

  1. How did you find pre-sales communication/correspondence: 8/10
    This was fine as I am very much web literate but unsure for those who are not
  2. Were all your calls and emails answeblue promptly:10/10
    Too promptly - you will set client expectations that will be hard to keep ;-)
  3. Were you happy with your T.R.U. contact: 10/10
    mmmmm bit dodgy I thought - no seriously , awesome service, Kiwis could learn a lot
  4. Was all your paperwork, prompts and documents easily legible: 9/10
    Again all email based which suited this customer perfectly
  5. Were you pleased with your artwork: 10/10
    Yes - getting the right picture type for you though is in fact quite hard
  6. Was your project undertaken within the allotted time-frame: 10/10
  7. Were you satisfied with all elements involved in the transportation of your goods: 10/10
    Can't ask for better than door to door delivery
  8. Were you impressed with the final product and its quality/appearance: 10/10
    Really impressed, as were the team . As they were dog tags, next challenge is to see if you can get into metal - that would also make them more hard wearing
  9. Do you have any other feedback that you believe would be important for us to know?
    Invoicing! Need that invoice!

Would you be happy for us to use some or all your comments on our website? YES


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AC Nielsen > Ascott Metropolis Hotel > Centra Hotel
Hertz NZ > Holiday Shoppe > Ironbark Lodge/Events
Penguin Books > Signature Travel > Spencer on Byron Hotel

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