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Quality Commitment

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Luggage Tags for small orders


Like many companies we constantly look to improve the quality of our luggage tags, both our product and service, in order to pass these benefits onto you & your customers!

With a commitment to customer service and response time, you will be totally satisfied with the back-up and support you receive from Taggs-R-Us.

After 20 years in the travel industry, service has always been high on the agenda and with personal references and commendations from Sir Jackie Stewart (OBE), Jaguar Racing and Minolta (to name just a few).

Customers are already passing comments on the way Taggs-R-Us conducts business, its time for you to test us!

KIRRA TOURS – Lynne Nielsen: “Thank you for your most recent email and I would like to congratulate your on fantastically efficient service. I don't know if I have ever received such prompt, informative and friendly messages. I would like to wish you well with your business and believe me, when we have need for new tags, your name will be the first one that comes to mind.”

QUINTO IMPERIO – Otto Czernin:
“Taggs-R-Us produces a high-quality product, which we certainly will propose for all our incentive and institutional clients in Portugal. We were most impressed by the samples you mailed us, we handle and assist many, many groups from all over the world, and seldom have we seen such quality in a tag. We wish you a great success.”

With the recent purchase of specialist printing equipment including a new print machine, one of the best in this part of the world, a new laminator, a new punch, all in excess of $1,000,000 (NZ)

View Luggage Tag Machinery

we can now say to you – your [email protected] product has just got better! We are committed to you and committed to product enhancement!

Our last [email protected] off the production line was for Signature Travel and is our best design to-date.

With special thanks extended to our design team and our ability to maximize the products image you can be sure that the final product will receive your total satisfaction …………………… they just get better and better!

Wait and see what your clients have to say!


You may just wish to use them yourself.

After a recent email to a number of New Zealand and Australian Wholesalers we were pleased to receive requests for quotes and samples from 33% of them.

Request a FREE LUGGAGE TAG sample and see the quality for yourself. You will not be disappointed, and you will be surprised by the low cost

– it's affordable and you will also receive a 10% first order discount!


Enquire now about the cost of your [email protected]’s and take advantage of your own currency against the New Zealand dollar, yet another advantage for you.

[email protected]’s may cost a little more than your existing product but as we advised a recent customer it will last 3-4 times as long.

The great news for you is that the price is not 3-4 times more, but on average up to 50% more than you pay at the moment – REMEMBER, it lasts 4 times longer and still looks good!

See one of the comments above – long-term = more cost effectiveness!

RECAP TIME – helping you make that final decision to help yourself, your business and your customers.

By not investing in [email protected]’s may cost you $$$$$’s or ££££’s

By not investing in [email protected]’s may loose you customers

By not investing in [email protected]’s may loose you potential business

By not investing in [email protected]’s may restrict you advertising/promoting of your business

By not investing in [email protected]’s could be a mistake

Will YOU TOO take advantage of some of the above benefits? Contact us today, step 1 (free sample) will cost you nothing, do it NOW or your competitor will!

Fuzhou Xingchun Trade Co TriColour Lanyards - a company that we do not recommend due to their low quality products, and poor service. They go by several names including Tri Colour Lanyards.

Companies using> Quality> Machinery
Luggage Tags for small orders

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