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IDI Luggage Tags

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IDI luggage tags save the day. Picture this - 18 hours travelling, two stopovers, and luggage nowhere to be found. Then a text message arrives using the details on your luggage tags. You let them know where you are and you are reunited with your luggage a matter of only hours later. Someone has entered your details from the idi tag into the internet which has SMSed straight to you (and email received).

With HIGH ALERT airport security throughout the world due to increased TERRORISM threats, you can now do your bit to help. View our NEW iDi Tag which is the BEST LUGGAGE TAG in the world and at a price that makes all our competitors products look expensive! The revolutionary product will stop others picking up your case and should the airline, train, ship or bus company loose your bag then by having iDi identify your belongings ............. it is just a matter of time until you are re-united.

Free Offer!

Any travel related services placing NEW orders in 2005 for our [email protected] product will be offered FREE membership application to ITS CLIENTS for up to a year to our iDi tag monitoring service (IDentity International), currently in a BETA format (full ALPHA system later in 2004).


Taggs-r-us are about personalisation. All our tags are personalizable as we believe YOU are more than just a number/reference.

Conventional luggage tags by many of our competitors show your address, we believe this is something of the past! We are aiming to enhance many safety aspects of the tag concept and one of them is NOT TO REVEAL your home address, who knows what individuals may find this information of use!

BE ONE STEP AHEAD OF THE REST ...... let TAGGS-R-US look after YOU, your BAGS and your BELONGINGS!

Market leaders put their faith in the product!

Many travel specialists in New Zealand and Australia are choosing the iTag to give to their clients or customers so that they can enjoy the many benefits of plastic luggage tags

What-ever you want, Taggs-R-Us are here to supply a solution to your requirements at a cost to suit your budget.

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