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Luggage Tags - Tsunami Victim Taggs-r-us

A heart rendering story about Taggs-r-us Luggage tags - Tsunami Victim. Taggs-R-Us supply a number of different products to our local NZ market and we also export some too. Our luggage tags, [email protected] are used by AIR NZ and QANTAS and after spending many years in the travel industry I know they are some of the best available on the market.

We recently received an email from a gentleman, who's daughter was abroad and had one of our tags on her bag. This is just a small reminder about one of our worlds great disasters which WE MUST NEVER FORGET, also 9/11!

Very sad but in a way rewarding that something so small and meaningless can mean so much to others:

11 February 2006

I lost my lovely daughter and her husband in the tsunami but almost a year later the Thai govt contacted me via NZ Police to tell me that they had found her day bag. I received it back a month or two ago, nothing inside it of course, and it had really had a rough time from being soaked in sea and sand.

The means of identification was an [email protected] which was totally intact and unaffected except for a bit of rust on the rivet. Writing inside 100% still.

Thankyou for giving us something to remember them by.

John Croft

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