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Lanyard Tags

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We have had extremely positive feed-back about our Lanyard Tags from companies such as 'TravelManagers' who recently took advantage of Taggs-r-us lanyard tags while in Fiji on their annual conference.

Like all our products, the price of your lanyard tag can be as low or as high as your budget permits. As we have mentioned throughout the site, we HAVE a solution for you!

We also offer Printed Lanyards New Zealand.

Name of your event
Dates of your event
Company logo
Picture of the individual
Name of the individual
Position in the company
Job title
Event organizer
Website and contact numbers
Event instructions
Catch-phrase or Company tag-line
Advertising space for a sponsor (reduce cost)

Design your own lanyard tag on Word. Then send us the completed document for printing.

Lanyard TagLanyard Tag attachment

Budget lanyard tags exist; single colour printing onto a white plastic could cost you as little as $NZD3.00 + tax & postage. (A tax element is not applicable to any INTERNATIONAL orders)

Full pricing on our Plastic Tag Products page

Identity like this can and will last. If you put your card into a plastic sleeve you will be able to prolong its shelf-life.

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A Lanyard Tag for all occasions.
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Lanyard Tags
Printed Lanyards New Zealand Printed Lanyards Photos
Our top 3 Printed Lanyards
Lanyard Fasteners

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